'Pokemon Go' release date for Windows 10 Mobile devices: what to expect

(Official Pokemon web site)Will 'Pokemon Go' be released for Windows 10 Mobile devices?

"Pokemon Go" has taken the world by storm, and numerous mobile device owners have already been able to see what the excitement is all about, although not everyone has gotten the opportunity to play the new augmented reality game.

Save for those folks in places where the game has not been officially released just yet, there are also those who have been unable to try out "Pokemon Go" because of the mobile devices they own.

Right now, the newly released game is only available for Android and iOS devices, and while that encompasses a wide swath of the population, that also leaves out certain users, including those with smartphones and tablets running Windows 10 Mobile.

That's probably why a new image that surfaced recently over on Reddit has caught the attention of Windows 10 Mobile users.

In the image shared by Reddit user "mirkolone," a particular response from the Feedback Hub related to "Pokemon Go" is displayed and it states that the "Windows Store Team is looking into options with regard to the best way to fulfill this particular request" after numerous other users have apparently indicated that they would like to see the game made available to them as well.

The contents of the image don't exactly confirm that the game is coming soon, and the Reddit users who have commented in the thread are also seemingly split in terms of how they interpret Microsoft's response.

Some users remain quite dubious that the game will be released for Windows 10 Mobile while others are still hopeful that they may get the augmented reality title, even if it may not be made available anytime soon.

For now, only Microsoft and the folks behind "Pokemon Go" themselves are aware of how likely a Windows 10 Mobile release really is and device owners will just have to stay tuned for more information to be released.

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