'Pokemon GO' Trading system release date with PvP battle set for October?

(Pokemon Go official website)Promotional image of the Pokemon Go Plus, a wearable accessory to the "Pokemon Go" app

The trainers of "Pokémon GO" are now enjoying the game's new Buddy System feature where players can be accompanied by their Pokémon as they explore. However, there are still new additions that are expected to arrive for the mobile app. These are the trading system and possibly a player versus player (PvP) battle.

According to reports, the percentage of people who are playing the augmented reality game became lower these past few weeks. One way that Niantic Labs, the game's developers, can get these users back is by releasing more updates. Thus there are speculations that the trading system may be implemented in the next "Pokémon GO" patch.

There are also some reports that say data miners were able to check out the mobile app's coding. Some keywords appeared which indicate that trading may soon become part of the game. As stated in Ranked Boost, one of the codes that were found was "trade_search" and this means that players will soon be able to search for trading buddies who are willing to exchange Pokémon with them. The search for these gamers who are willing to trade can be done on Local, Statewide, Country and Global levels.

The other two keywords that were found are "trade_offer" and "trade_response." This indicates that trainers will probably be able to make a trade offer to other gamers. It is up to the other player to accept the trade or not. There are speculations that items and candies can also be traded to others as well.

Another feature that can also improve "Pokémon GO" is a PvP Battle. A word, "sfida," was also found in the coding of the mobile app and it means "challenge" in Italian. This new addition may also be part of the next update. This means that aside from doing gym battles with strangers, the PvP Battle feature will enable trainers to battle with their friends, which will add more fun.

There are also speculations that a friends list might be added to the game as well and this will make players have an easier way of contacting their buddies.

A release date has not yet been announced for when the trading system and the PvP Battle features will be launched. However, there is a possibility that these will come out with the new update on October.

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