'Pokemon' news: Pokemon GO to be launched with companion device

(Nintendo / The Pokemon Company)

The "Pokemon" franchise debuted two decades ago and because of the initial success of what was once solely a videogame series has now spawned adaptations from trading cards to a television series. After twenty years, the fanbase for Pikachu and the rest of the gang is stronger than ever and it seems like there is only good news for them, as recently The Pokemon Company in partnership with Niantic, has announced their newest offering  that would take the beloved creatures into the real world.

"Pokemon GO" is a mobile game for both Android and iPhone users which aims to locate, catch, battle and even trade Pokemons in the real world.  This augmented-reality game will give the Pokemon GO user the opportunity to be like Ash and experience the thrill of catching, trading and battling other Pokemons with fellow Pokemon GO users.

John Hankie, founder of Niantic Inc., has since described their latest project as reported by Christian Today.

 "For the first time, Pokemon will roam free in the world. Pokemon GO will allow players to capture Pokemon who inhabit parks, shopping areas, sidewalks, and countryside all aroung the world. Imagine being able to catch Bulbasaur in the Golden Gate Bridge at San Francisco or Pikachu on top of Mount Rushmore. Then that would be amazing especially for Pokemon fanatics." Quipped Hankie.

According to PC Advisor, in conjunction with the game a companion device called "Pokemon Go Plus" is also currently in development. The gadget can either be clipped or strapped in the wrist just like a watch. While "Pokemon GO" can function even without using the "Pokemon GO Plus," it lets you play Pokemon GO without using or looking at your phone by delivering feedbacks and flashing LED lights in series of colours. Pokemon GO Plus also notifies the user about the upcoming and latest events within the game such as nearby Pokemons via Bluetooth. Also there is a function of POkemon GO PLlus that may interest a lot of fans, there is a button on the front of the Pokemon GO Plus that lets the user perform simple actions such as throwing a Pokeball to catch a sighted Pokemon.

There is still no exact date for the release of neither Pokemon GO nor the Pokemon Go Plus but it will be released in 2016.


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