'Prey' 2017 demo updates, news: Here are the basics you need to know

(YouTube/Bethesda Softworks)Prey 2017 demo play earned praises from gamers.

The recently held demo play of "Prey" got gamers more interested to try the game. The newly revamped open-world title has apparently earned the attention of hardcore gamers due to the substantial changes it made from the 2011 title.

Prey was first introduced in 2011 by Bethesda. The studio, however, gave up on the franchise and handed it to Arkane Studios. Since then, gamers have been anticipating the release of the game as it is said to be different from the initial title.

In an article by Heavy, "Prey" 2017 was given substantial changes indeed. Players will now take the role of bounty hunters on a mission to fight alien enemies. The title is compared to the experience in "System Shock" or "Bioshock."

"Prey" apparently has a strong application to real-world events, with a twist on its chronological storyline. The start of the game brings the players to the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy in 1963. The twist here is that the assassination failed and Kennedy has to find ways to survive and arrange financial support to the U.S. outer space program.

The U.S. and the U.S.S.R have respective outer space plans, but there is a point where the two countries face threats from Typhon alien enemies. They are able to win against the aliens, study their DNA and build a space station named Talos-1.

This is where players continue on with the story as they fight their alien opponents. Based on a review by IGN, players will enjoy their time discovering passcodes as they take on an open Metroidvania-themed spaces. Their hacking skills will be improved and they will find better routes to reach their destination.

Aside from this, the single-player campaign of "Prey" is noted to be commendable. In fact, its "System Shock 2" feel has got the publication more enthusiastic to play the game more.

Check out this video trailer to learn more.

YouTube/ Bethesda Softworks
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