'Prison Break' season 5 air date, latest news, spoilers: LGBT character announced

(Facebook/Prison Break)Who is Sid and how will he affect Michael's escape plan in 'Prison Break' season 5?

The writers of "Prison Break" have just made a big announcement for the plot of season 5. An LGBT character will be joining the cast to play a major role which could affect Michael's escape from Yemen.

In a recent Q&A with fans on Twitter, the writers were asked if there will be LGBT relationships in the reboot. The writers responded: "There is a new LGBT character named Sid. He's got an important role to play."

It has yet to be revealed which actor will play the role but fans find it quite interesting to integrate an LGBT storyline into "Prison Break" season 5. Fans have expressed excitement over the news as this will be the first time the series will tackle such a theme in its history.

Rumor has it that Sid will be in the same prison where Michael (Wentworth Miller) is locked up in. However, some fans are worried that the new character may get killed off. LGBT deaths are reportedly common in television shows but viewers are still hopeful that "Prison Break" season 5 won't run on the same path.

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that fans will see more of Michael's backstory for the past seven years. Everyone believed that Michael was killed in the finale of season 4 but more details will be tackled when the show returns next year.

According to iDigital Times, it turns out that Michael faked his death. The reason why he did so is expected to be revealed soon. Fans may also see how this arc will affect everyone who cares for Michael, considering that they were all given the wrong idea about his passing.

Probably the biggest impact would be on Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies), who moved on and married another man after Michael's supposed death. Discovering that Michael faked it all may shatter any hopes of a reconciliation between the two lovers. How will he handle such a situation?

FOX has yet to announce a specific premiere date for "Prison Break" season 5 but the new episodes are expected to start airing sometime early 2017.

Watch the sneak peek for the new season below:

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