PS Vita news update 2016: Console likely dead

(REUTERS/Issei Kato)Sony PS Vita

Sony's PS Vita is something that had been doing well, but seeing that there is no successor in sight, chances are this game console will eventually die a natural death.

The belief not only stems from the fact of not having a successor but also by the fact that actual retailers are seeing diminishing stocks with word that no replenishment is happening once inventory goes down to zero.

While cleaning up the existing stock is normally expected in cases where anticipation of a successor is forthcoming, such is not the case. In fact, some retailers like Best Buy have even relayed that the unit has been discontinued, which leads many to believe that the PS Vita will likely die a natural death.

With most consumers turning to their mobile phones for gaming, such could be the reason why Sony has (for now) focused on their handsets and actual game console niche. There is no telling if this is indeed the end for the mobile computing sector of Sony but the developments somehow confirm such.

North America is a big market and one can just imagine the amount of revenue that the company would be incurring with the demise of the console. Netherlands is another region which disclosed that the PS Vita has been discontinued and other major regions are likely to follow soon.

A reason seen behind the discontinuance is the fact that the PS Vita didn't really excel and turn out profitable. With that said, Sony may have refocused towards its actual game consoles in the Sony PS4.

In a previous report, there were rumors tied up with a potential Sony Playstation 4 (called "Neo") in the works. The Sony PlayStation 4.5 or PS4K is believed to be a move for incremental upgrades which has been met by both good and bad feedback.

In the opinion of some, Sony may be better off moving to an entirely new game console successor rather than one that brings only a handful of new features. 

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