'Rainbow Six Siege' update: new DLC delayed until Feb. 2; new leak of U.S. and Canadian operators

(Rainbow Six Siege - Ubisoft website)"Operation Black Ice" original promotional poster, which still has the January expected release date. However, the game will be available in February.

The first DLC of Tom Clancy's "Rainbow Six Siege" will be released on Feb. 2 as Ubisoft confirmed through the game's Twitter account.

"Operation Black Ice," the first of four new DLC packs, was supposed to go live for season pass holders on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on Jan. 12. However, Ubisoft revealed the three-week delay as a response to a Twitter user who was asking for clarification.

Images of the alleged first two new operators also recently leaked on 4Chan and reuploaded on Reddit by a certain user called Klyka. The top image is said to be one of the Canadian Operators and the bottom is that of the U.S. operator.

Ubisoft announced last year through their UbiBlog that players will have four major content expansions over the course of 2016, which will include new maps, operators, modes, and weapons. Each expansion will have two new operators who will have their own gadget and two new weapons, a primary and a secondary.

All maps and modes will be available to players without cost. However, the new operators and weapon skins will require the spending of Renown, the currency used in the game. This can be earned by playing or by purchasing R6 Credits. A new operator will cost 600 R6 Credits, the smallest bundle available that costs $4.99.

Ubisoft explained, "The 20 operators included at launch can be unlocked relatively quickly with Renown – the first one you unlock in each counter-terrorist unit costs 500 Renown, the second is 1,000, and so on. Operators added after launch will be available for 25,000 Renown each."

This means that if a player will be able to earn 1,000 Renown in an hour of gameplay, he or she needs 25 hours to earn enough Renown to unlock an operator.

The developers are also working on events and competitions to add to the game. Additionally, there will be daily challenges that can give players extra Renown. These optional goals may include winning a number of matches or eliminating a given number of opponents in a single match.

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