'Reign' season 4 air date, news, spoilers & updates: Fans to see stronger and more self-sufficient Mary next season; is Bash returning?

(Twitter/Reign)Fans will be seeing a stronger and more self-sufficient Mary in season 4.

"Reign" is expected to return for a fourth season sometime next year and fans will reportedly be seeing a stronger, more determined Mary.

The past seasons of "Reign" saw Mary (Adelaide Kane) more often than not a victim of other people's machinations. And while the young royal was also wily and scheming at times, she was also still a bit naive.

"Reign" season 4 will allegedly usher in a different Mary, as the Queen of Scots is now back in her own country and establishing her monarchy from the ground up. Kane had previously told EW that her character is now more self-sufficient and has learned to fend for herself.

Now that the series is predominantly set in Scotland, fans can expect to see a host of new characters, traditions, clothes, and everything that a new court entails. For Mary, her return to Scotland also means a new husband.

Two men are reportedly in the running to be Mary's husband in season 4 — Lord Darnley and Bothwell. Played by actors Will Kemp and Adam Croasdell, respectively, the two suitors are rumored to be Mary's second and third husband.

Lord Darnley is a noble title who also has a claim to the English throne and, like Francis, has a scheming mother who would do anything to see her son crowned king. Darnley is also said to be an ambitious, confident, and charming man. Their marriage also opens up the possibility of the Scottish monarchs extending their power to England.

Meanwhile, Bothwell has been described as a notorious bad boy with a heart of gold, one that allegedly beats for Mary. Historically, Bothwell had been accused of killing someone close to Mary. While no one knows whether this will be included in season 4's story arc, that hasn't stopped fans from speculating that Bothwell might be the one who murders Darnley so he can wed Mary.

However, there have been reports that Mary's old love, Bash (Torrance Coombs), will be the one who kills Darnley. The character left Mary at the end of season 3 to live life as a druid but vowed to return when she needs him the most. And with Coombs rumored to be back next season, it's possible that he would murder Darnley to protect Mary.

"Reign" season 4 will reportedly return to The CW sometime in May 2017.

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