'Reign' season 4 premiere spoilers: Mary to regain power in Scotland; to bear child of Lord Darnley?

(Facebook/cwreign)Queen Mary (Adelaide Kane) and Queen Elizabeth (Rachel Skarsten) in The CW's historical drama "Reign."

The CW's historical drama "Reign" will return on the network for a fourth season a little longer than expected. However, fans of the series have been curious as to what fate the characters will face next season as well as the fate of the show itself.

Previous speculations revealed that "Reign's" upcoming season 4 is going to be the series' last installment. This may be because of its underwhelming ratings in season 3. Also, season 4's episode order has been reduced to 16 when its first two seasons got 22 and the previous one had 18. Fans are worried that the show may really be facing cancellation.

However, the producers of the show are optimistic and confident of the series' future on The CW. They may be expecting to have at least one more season after the fourth one.

As for the future of Mary (Adelaide Kane), there are rumors that the Queen may have finally sorted out what needed to be taken care of and may finally fully regain her power in Scotland. During Mary's absence, Scotland has been a land plagued with violence and war that split the country apart. Season 4 is expected to see a determined Mary who will do everything she can to reclaim Scotland's greatness.

In other news, new faces will also be introduced in the upcoming season with "EastEnders" alum Adam Croasdell portraying Queen Mary's third husband Bothwell and "Van Helsing" star Will Kemp to play as Lord Darnley.

Mary will wed Lord Darnley first and they may even bear a child together. However, he may end up dead after showing his dark side. Bothwell, on the other hand, will wed Mary afterward. He is a bad boy yet loyal to Mary.

The CW has yet to announce the exact release date of "Reign" season 4, but it is expected to premiere sometime next year.

More details about "Reign" season 4 will soon come out.

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