Sadie Robertson news: Duck Dynasty star's Sherri Hill prom dress line coming soon

(Credit: A&E)

Sadie Robertson is currently busy trying to feed her thriving fashion career by launching a Spring 2015 fashion collection.

Sadie Robertson took a break from her life in Duck Dynasty by joining Dancing With the Stars, a popular, long-running reality show by ABC. After her successful stint in Dancing With The Stars, where she was one of the top 3 celebrities in the finale, Robertson went on to pursue her fashion career.

The reality star has teamed up with Sherri Hill, a fashion designer, for the release of an all new Spring 2015 fashion collection in a video.

The video shows the Duck Dynasty star and her designs on Venice Beach in Los Angeles, California. The video serves as a kind of behind-the-scenes look at the photo shoot that show cases gowns that will work great for young girls who will attend proms and galas.

The Spring 2015 prom gown line with Sherri Hill isn't the first time that Sadie has dabbled in fashion. In her tell-all book, the 17-year-old reality star shares that she had a negative experience with some models in Fashion Week when she was about to present her "Daddy-Approved" prom dresses.

"They cared way too much about their outward appearance- and confidence is an inside thing. If people try to become confident by trying to make themselves look better or feel better, they will never get there," wrote the teenager.

"I could have totally lost it over the comments people made and the icy looks they gave me, but I didn't. God had been training me all my be strong and confident." added the Duck Dynasty star.

Though Robertson faces challenges with her fashion endeavors, the budding designer is certain that her faith will keep her strong in making it through the cutthroat industry.

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