'Samsung Galaxy Note 5'release date: specs include Edge 4k display

The 'Samsung Galaxy Note 4' has been an unqualified success for the electronics giant and it is looking to build on that success with the release of the next iteration 'Samsung Galaxy Note 5'. The new device is still under development but is expected to be released later in the third quarter of this year.

The 'Galaxy Note 4' received strong praise from consumers and reviewers alike for its impressive technical specifications. Samsung no doubt recognizes that and will surely look to maintain that reputation with the 'Galaxy Note 5'.

So what can consumers expect with the new device? While it has not been confirmed as of yet, a few mobile centric web sites have speculated that the 'Galaxy Note 5' will come equipped with the latest 4K display as an upgrade to the 'Galaxy Note 4' and its quad HD display. Another rumor suggests that the new device will have a larger display screen than its predecessor in addition to having an Edge version of the device.

The camera of the new 'Galaxy Note 5' is another potential specification that can be upgraded. A report from Value Walk posits that the new device could have a 21-megapixel main camera and 5-megapixel front facing lens. That would be the most impressive and powerful camera in a Galaxy device ever, and what better device than the 'Galaxy Note 5' to receive it.

Samsung has also made changes to its 'Galaxy S6' range of smartphones, so it would be reasonable to assume that the changes there would be applied to the 'Galaxy Note' devices as well. This could mean that the 'Galaxy Note 5' will switch from its existing chipset to the new Exynos 7420 chipset.

As for the price, Value Walk is predicting a retail price of around $900, though nothing is definite at this point in time.


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