Samsung Galaxy Note 8 release date, rumors: Device geared to return strong in 2017

(Samsung)The Samsung Galaxy S7 series, in the picture, did what it can, and now the Note 8 needs to redeem itself.

If any brand in the market is celebrating the coming of 2017 the most, that could arguably be Samsung. The year 2016 proved to be an embarrassment for the Korean company, given the Note 7 fiasco, but it looks like it is coming back with a vengeance in the coming year.

Despite the incident, fans are still looking forward to the unreleased device coming from Samsung. The curiosity is driving people to speculate what could possibly be present in the rumored Galaxy Note 8, and clues are pointing to a variety of features.

ValueWalk has compiled a list of rumors surrounding the Note 8, and the first is the dual-screen display. The Edge technology introduced in the S7 series was indeed enticing and rather revolutionary, but critics are thinking that Samsung was only able to scratch the surface. It is rumored that the new Note 8 could be foldable, and, if one thinks about it, sounds rather impossible yet game-changing at the same time.

Samsung is also taking on Apple's Siri with its own artificial intelligence (AI) assistant that will be named Bixby. It will be more conversational in a sense that it could do errands for the owner, and even do most of the functions imagined in sci-fi films like dictating messages and the like.

There is also an emerging rumor that the new Note 8 could be seeking help from LG in manufacturing its batteries. This could be a move from Samsung to ensure that it gets more external knowledge on how to improve the power without the spontaneous combustion that tarnished its name.

Many are hoping that the Note 8 would be a shot at redemption, and Trusted Reviews shares its two cents on what can be included. Some of them are about the processor, wielding two cameras, virtual reality (VR) calls, expanded storage, and the fun accessories that made Note 7 a force to reckon.

All of these need to be taken with a grain of salt as these are speculations, and hopefully Samsung can give more details by 2017 when it releases the Note 8.

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