Samsung Galaxy S8 specs rumors, release date: Leaked image sees drastic design change

(Samsung)The Samsung Galaxy S8, the follow-up to the Galaxy S7 (pictured), will reportedly be released on April 18.

Speculations have not stopped when it comes to Samsung's upcoming flagship, Galaxy S8. With talks ranging from design to specifications, a new leak may have just confirmed several of these rumors.

According to Forbes, the leaked image of the Samsung Galaxy S8 was apparently put up on Weibo. There is only one photo and it only manages to show the front of the upcoming smartphone, but it was definitely enough to stir up excitement in fans everywhere.

Rumors were already running rampant that the Samsung Galaxy S8 would sport a major change, design-wise. It was expected that the South Korean tech company would be removing the physical home button from the smartphone to make room for a sleeker and more put-together design featuring a larger screen. The photo seems to confirm this feature as the home button is noticeably absent. In its place is the Samsung logo perched upon a thinner bottom bezel. 

However, as the publication points out, the image does not really indicate the size of the smartphone. It's possible that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will have the same measurements as previous handhelds in the lineup, but it's also possible that it could be smaller given the design choice. But then again, there is also talk of much bigger smartphones, although these are all just rumors for now.

As for its release date, rumors started spreading in December 2016 that Samsung may be opting for a much later unveiling than past flagships. Samsung has had a long history of launching devices around the time of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) — which is usually held in February — and then releasing them to the market shortly thereafter. However, it looks like things will be different this time around.

Thanks to SamMobile, it has been revealed via a leak that Samsung is planning a separate event in New York City. The exact date of the event is unknown, but insiders apparently claim that Samsung Galaxy S8 will officially release on Apr. 18. It remains to be seen how reliable this information is. But considering Samsung's controversial Galaxy Note 7, it is entirely plausible that the company is taking the necessary steps and extra time to make sure everything goes smoothly for the Galaxy S8.

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