Satanist students hold Bible burning ceremony

(Reuters/Brian Snyder)A bible sits open in the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston.

A student group at the University of Clemson, identifying themselves as the Clemson Unorthodox Neo-Satanic Temple (C.U.N.T), reportedly performed a "live bloodletting," "lamb sacrifice," and "Bible torching ceremony" to pay tribute to a new chapel in their school.

According to Campus Reform, the group distributed flyers about the event at the university's Brackett Hall. The flyers, which featured satanic images such as goat skulls and pentagrams, advertised a "C.U.N.T. Afterlife Party" on March 11. The flyers did not indicate contact information and details about where the "ceremony" was going to be held.

Based on the advertisement material, the group would host a "pentagram completion event" to "summon Baphomet to celebrate the new Clemson Chapel." It was also announced in the pamphlet that the group would reward $25 for the "C.U.N.T. sucker" who will bring the most number of Bibles for their "Bible torching ceremony."

It was not clear as to which chapel the group was honoring, as it was not specified. However, students believe that the activities of the group was for an unfinished chapel that was constructed to commemorate a late student.

The Cadden Chapel is a memorial to a Clemson student, Samuel J. Cadden, who died in a vehicular accident in 2015. The chapel fulfills one of Cadden's goals, which was "to have a building named after him on Clemson's campus in his honor."

The chapel is slated to be a place for reflection and meditation for students regardless of their religious beliefs. The campus also plans to make the sanctuary available as a wedding or funeral venue.

Clemson University also plans to use the chapel as a way to pay tribute to the more than 600 students who passed away before they could leave their alma mater.

Many Clemson students voiced their outrage on social media about the Satanic event, with one saying, "I knew I chose the wrong school," while another expressing, "i feel like im [sic] bout to be struck down just reading this."

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