'Scorpion' season 3 episode 5 spoilers: The team's simple mission turns complicated and deadly

(Scorpion CBS / Facebook)"Scorpion" season 3 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on CBS.

A simple mission turns into a complicated and deadly one in the upcoming episode 5, titled "Plight at the Museum," of the third season of the American action drama "Scorpion."

The team Scorpion is tasked to do a simple job at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum. However, things turn out deadly after learning that thieves are robbing a rare gem exhibit that will be used in purchasing materials for the creation of a nuclear bomb.

The promo trailer for "Plight at the Museum" shows Walters (Elyes Gabel) telling the team that there is a group of thieves who are trying to sneak into the museum to steal a very precious gem. He suggests that in order to stop the thieves, team Scorpion has to steal it first. However, the members of the team think that his plan is ridiculous. Although it is an absurd plan, it seems like the team go with it and things turn out harder than what they have initially expected.

In other news, the cast and the executive producers have teased on Entertainment Weekly about the fate of Walter and Paige's (Katharine McPhee) relationship, as well as Toby (Eddie Kaye Thomas) and Happy's (Jadyn Wong). Walter will continue to express his interest in Paige in ways that people will least expect. As for the identity of Happy's husband, executive producer Nicholas Wootton said, "There's a big reveal at the end of one of the first few coming up that, I guarantee, [will make] your jaw drop."

Meanwhile, the previous episode, titled "Little Lost Boy," saw the disappearance of a boy from Ralph's (Riley B. Smith) class after running into a deadly criminal. Toby, on the other hand, continues to look for the identity of Happy's husband and was close to finally discovering it.

"Scorpion" season 3 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on CBS.

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