'Sense8' season 2 spoilers: Love triangle in focus; production delay due to new cast member

(Twitter / Sense8)"Sense8" season 2 is speculated to feature the love triangle between Wolfgang, Kala, and Rajan.

Cast and production have been generously sharing pictures on set, both in front and behind the camera, and one picture suggests Kala Dandekar (Tina Desai) and Rajan Rasal (Purab Kohli) will get closer in "Sense8" season 2. Meanwhile, another bump in the making of the season is being reported once again and is said to be caused by new cast member Sikander Kher.

Kala and Rajan was bound to get married in the first season, but Wolfgang Bogdanow (Max Riemelt) got in the way. Rajan loves Kala, but Kala only wanted to marry him to appease her parents. Her attraction for Wolfgang caused her to defy the arrangement, but when Wolfgang revealed his dark past in the season finale, the two went their separate ways.

It's been reported that Wolfgang will eventually come to his senses and fight for Kala who will be confused because of what has been revealed. Aside from the two men fighting for her affection, another love interest is said to appear and be played by Kher.

His unnamed character is reportedly avenging on Kala because of an unrequited love. He is also described as a dark character that is out to get Wolfgang and Rajan. Whether he is connected to the previous villains or not is still unknown.

Filming of "Sense8" season 2 has encountered some problems in the early stages and has been running smoothly for some time. While news about Kher's inclusion initially brought good vibes to the show, recent reports claim that the actor is causing delay to the continued production.

He is said to be demanding a lot from Netflix and is also reported to be showing a difficult attitude in the workplace. The actor and the network have not yet commented on the issue.

"Sense8" season 2 has no announced premiere date yet, but the first season is available for streaming on Netflix.

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