'Sister Wives' news: Robyn Brown talks about pregnancy, divorce rumors

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"Sister Wives" star Robyn Brown is rumored to be pregnant. What is more, she is allegedly divorcing Kody, the patriarch of the popular polygamist family. Recently, the reality TV star finally broke her silence about the issue.

To recall, Robyn is the newest and the only legal wife of the "Sister Wives" headliner Kody. The couple married in 2010 and have two children together.

Robyn has always been rumored to be divorcing her husband but neither she nor Kody commented. Even so, according to Wet Paint, Robyn has really decided to end her relationship with Kody. A source reportedly told the publication that Robyn even saved up money to pay a lawyer.

In addition, the source also mentioned that Robyn is planning to decamp to Utah, and that she will bring her kids with her too.

Besides that, Kody is said to be replacing Robyn. There are rumors making rounds that the polygamist is already courting someone to make his fifth wife. Where did these rumors come from?

Well, apparently, a person named Kendra Pollard is probably behind all these rumors. In an interview with Life & Style, as per Hollywood Life, she claimed that she is Robyn's friend and revealed those tittle-tattles.

Furthermore, she reported that Robyn is pregnant with her third child and that Robyn asked her to leave their house in Las Vegas. She fueled up the "Sister Wives" star's pregnancy rumors even more by saying that some people have already seen Robyn's baby bump.

If rumors were true, then why is she divorcing her husband? Robyn's supposed BFF did not say anything about the reason behind the rumored split.

However, Robyn took her announcement to Twitter to clear things up and defend herself. In her post, she reiterated that she is "not divorcing" the TLC star. She added that everything is a lie.

She mentioned something about Pollard's identity as well. Robyn clarified that Pollard, who claims to be Robyn's best friend, is not really her friend. She asserted that she does not even talk to Pollard. "All lies," she added.

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