'Sister Wives' season 7 preview: Meri has no intention to leave Kody

(Facebook/sisterwives)Meri is staying with Kodi in "Sister Wives."

Meri and Kody have had their heart-to-heart talk and they seemed to have agreed that it is best to remain civil in their TLC reality show "Sister Wives."

While on a family vacation in Hawaii, the couple finally had time to discuss their relationship. Meri was forced to divorce Kody last season to give way to his newest wife. Robyn wanted to get custody of her three children from a previous marriage. To do that, she and Kody must be married. Since he was already committed to Meri, the only option left for them was to separate. Meri had a hard time accepting that, but she eventually agreed in the end. From then on, her relationship with Kody went downhill.

Meri met a "man" through the Internet and quickly fell in love. She then learned that the person was actually a woman who has been playing with her all along. Meri had no choice but to confide the truth to her sister wives and to Kody.

During the family getaway, Kody talked about her catfishing scandal. He also told her that for the sake of the family, they should be civil with each other and focus on the positive.

Previously, Meri said (as per Design N Trend) that she has no intention to leave Kody.

"Kody has always said that we don't have to stay here. But in some of my darkest times, I really didn't want to be anywhere else. We don't really think that the grass is any greener on the monogamous side," she said.

Meanwhile, Kody recently talked about his disappointment over the public's comments about his polygamous lifestyle. He has been living with four wives and has fathered a total of eighteen children. According to him, he still hopes others will get to understand their set-up and throw away their perception that he only uses the women for different purposes.

"Sister Wives" season 7 airs Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on TLC.

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