Steam Summer Sale 2014: Games list include Bioshock franchise, Endless Space, and more

Today marks the start of the much-awaited Steam Summer Getaway Sale that will run for the next eleven days (June 19 to June 30).

Those who have intense love for a very good gaming PC and good deals must get their excess cash ready, because the Steam Summer Sale 2014 is underway.

Users can take advantage of huge discounts on 2000 PC, Mac and Linux titles, and the eight-hour "Flash Sales".

June 19th Daily Deals include Bioshock franchise (50-70% off), Endless Space (66% off), Antichamber (66% off), Hotline Miami (75% off), Scribblenauts Unlimited (75% off), Don't Starve (40% off), Defiance (66% off), Toki Tori 2 (34% off), Call of Juarez: Gunslinger (33% off) and Left 4 Dead Franchise (75% off).

You can also participate on what goes on sale through their Community's Choice Voting Sales.

For every purchase, there is a corresponding collectible in the form of trading cards that you earn, which is only offered during the sale period.

Steam is the ultimate entertainment platform with a community composed of more than 6 million online gamers that play, create and share gaming experience day in and day out.

A leading platform for games and software with more than 75 millions accounts around the world, Steam launched "Tagging" of products to increase ways to discover content within its realm.

In December of 2013, Steam updated its mobile app for iOS to add fresh features and visual styles, and transform mobile experience to a more feel-at-home vibe.

This iOS app featured offline chat that allows you to send messages to offline users and an improved catalog design that is able to filter titles by platform and DLC.

Valve, which operates Steam's digital game store, has successfully diversified its market to operating systems, software sales and virtual reality, while maintaining traction and grip at the gaming market.

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