'Steven Universe' season 2 spoilers: Synopsis for 'Super Watermelon Island' and 'Barn Mates' episodes


Season 2 of Cartoon Network's coming-of-age animated series "Steven Universe" is currently on hiatus with at least 26 more episodes expected to air. Unfortunately, a return date has not yet been specified.

Cartoon Network has already released the titles of the upcoming episodes. While the list's order may still be subject to change, the first two episodes are expected to be "Super Watermelon Island" and "Barn Mates."

In "Super Watermelon Island," Steven will learn about what happened to the sentient watermelons during the season 1 "Watermelon Steven" episode. The antagonistic Watermelon Stevens were accidentally created when Steven discarded watermelons seeds with his saliva.

Friendship will be a key theme for the other upcoming episode "Barn Mates." According to the short synopsis, Steven will help two friends get along at the barn.

In "Barn Mates," as reported by Christian Today, Lapis Lazuli and Peridot will get into a fight after Lapis Lazuli breaks the gift that Peridot gave her. Steven, out of fear that Peridot would leave, tries to reconcile the two and helps them form a deeper friendship.

A few weeks ago, Cartoon Network UK had released sneak peeks for "Super Watermelon Island" and "Barn Mates." While the videos have since been deleted, its content was detailed by YouTube user named The World of Adventure Time, Steven Universe & Pokémon.

Aside from these two episodes, some of the upcoming episodes to follow are "Hit the Diamond," "Steven Floats," Too Short to Ride," and "Drop Beat Dad."

Cartoon Network has not made any announcements regarding the return of "Steven Universe." However, given that the sneak peeks for "Super Watermelon Island" and "Barn Matest" were already somehow released, fans of the animated series are hoping that the two new episodes will be released in the coming months.

Be sure to check back for all the latest news and updates for season 2 of "Steven Universe."

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