'Stranger Things' season 2 spoilers: Series to feature more weird music as more of Upside Down world is revealed

(Facebook/Stranger Things)"Stranger Things" season 2 is expected to feature more weird music as it shows more of the Upside Down world.

While "Stranger Things" season 2 is not expected to arrive earlier than Halloween this year, fans can already expect that the highly anticipated season of the Netflix original series will feature more of the Upside Down world.

According to the latest reports, "Stranger Things" soundtrack composers Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein have recently said at the South By Southwest Festival that the upcoming season 2 of "Stranger Things" will feature more of the parallel universe introduced in the series debut season. As "Stranger Things" season 2 will have more of the decaying and dying parallel dimension, the two composers also hinted that fans of the series will be treated to more weird music in the latest season of the Netflix original series.

Dixon and Stein's statements on "Stranger Things" season 2 are definitely in sync with the earlier reveal of "Stranger Things" co-creator Matt Duffer, who, in an interview, said that Will (Noah Schnapp) will be seeing images from the Upside Down world in season 2 after having stayed there for a week during the first season.

What remains uncertain, though, is whether the things Will sees are real or just a figment of his imagination. However, whether Will's visions are real or not, it is certain that "Stranger Things" season 2 will, indeed, show more of the parallel dimension.

Meanwhile, as Will stayed in the Upside Down world for a week in the last season and was seen coughing a slug-like creature, some believe that he may be acting as the host to the spawn of "Stranger Things" season 2's monster, which is believed to be a giant spider-like monster as seen in the trailer of the series' upcoming season.

On the other hand, while some thought that Dr. Martin Brenner (Matthew Modine) died in the first season of "Stranger Things" season 2, it is suspected that he may be alive. After all, the camera shifted away from the character after he was attacked by the Demogorgon in the previous season, leaving the fans wondering what the extent of his injury may have been. Hence, there is still a possibility for the human villain to return in the next installment of "Stranger Things."

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