'Street Fighter 5' news, updates, rumors: title to get an arcade version?

(Facebook/Street Fighter)Is Capcom releasing an arcade mode for "Street Fighter 5?"

As fans wait for the next update for "Street Fighter 5," there are new reports suggesting that an arcade mode is on the way for the hit title.

There were rumors earlier this month that the arcade mode will arrive soon, though Capcom never addressed the speculations. This time, the reports are growing in number, with some stating that an official announcement has purportedly been made after an "Ultra Street Fighter 4" tournament during this year's Toushinsai.

Along with the announcement that the newer version of the said game, including another title, "The King of Fighters 14," will have an arcade mode, Event Hubs says that "Street Fighter 5's" own arcade version might happen in a way that fans may not have expected.

It is said that instead of the usual arcade battles, "Street Fighter 5" will still be played through the PC. The big difference is, PCs will be brought inside numerous arcades and players will be able to battle it out through the PC stations.

This may not be the usual arcade scenario but it will surely be a thrill to Japanese players. Gaming communities in other countries will have to wait for further announcements regarding the said mode and if it will also be available for other regions across the globe.

What's interesting about this new mode is players can go to battle without having to follow the storyline in "Street Fighter 5," which means those who don't really like to go through the title's entire story are not required to do so. They can simply start a battle and enjoy.

Meanwhile, fans can still grab the Halloween expansion which offers costumes. The Premium Halloween costume is available at $3.99 and the Halloween-themed stage can be purchased for $1.99.

For now, fans can just wait for official word on the arcade mode for "Street Fighter 5" before taking any speculations seriously to avoid failed expectations.

"Street Fighter 5" is playable on PC, PlayStation 4 and Linux.

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