'Suits' Season 5 Spoilers, Cast Update: celebs featuring on show include NBA legend Charles Barkley

(USA Network/Official Facebook page)"Suits" season 5 will air in June

With the season 5 premiere of "Suits" fast approaching, fans are already being treated to news about the specifics of the new series.

"Suits" season 1 aired four years ago in June of 2011 and initially focused on Mike Cross conning his way into Pearson Hardman, a prestigious New York law firm, without a law degree. Harvey Spectre, a senior partner, takes Mike under his wing after being impressed by his photographic memory. The show is widely popular and has won considerably acclaim by critics.

Season 4 ended with joyful as well as disheartening storylines that left fans with a very open ended preview of what was to come next. The episode, which aired in March of 2015, had many highlights, including Mike finally asking Rachel's hand in marriage. The most shocking scene, however, was Donna once again admitting her feelings for Harvey who gives a lukewarm response to the confession. Donna resigns as Harvey's assistant to become Louis' employee.

There has not been much news regarding the direction of the show and fans can only assume so much based on what has transpired previously. However, several A-listers have been signed to appear on season 5 of "Suits". One of the most exciting guest stars on the show will be Charles Barkley, the famous NBA legend.

Barkley is reported to be appearing as a fictionalized version of himself in the third episode of season 5. He is slated to play one of Harvey's clients and there are rumors about him providing Harvey with a good distraction from the absence of Donna.

Another interesting new face to join the cast for season 5 will be Christina Cole, famous for "The Assets" and "CHAOS", who will be playing Dr. Paula Agard, a Harvard educated psychiatrist consulting for the firm. With Donna out of the picture, it is speculated that Agard could be Harvey's new love interest.

"Suits" Season 5 will air June 24 on USA Network.

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