'Suits' season 7 release date, rumors: Management style to cause Harvey some conflicts

(USA Network)Will Harvey accept Mike's proposal to make him his managing partner?

While it has been less than a month since "Suits" season 6 took a bow, rumors about its incoming season 7 are already starting to circulate online. As Mike (Patrick J. Adams) already became a certified legal practitioner in the season 6 finale of the legal procedural series, it is expected that his life in "Suits" season 7 will soar to greater heights. Nonetheless, it is said that things will be the opposite for Harvey (Gabriel Macht) as his life is said to be on the downswing.

After five years of being a faux lawyer, Mike finally became a certified lawyer in the season 6 finale of "Suits" — thanks to Jessica (Gina Torres) who appealed to the panel to give Mike a chance despite his crime in the past. As Mike becomes a lawyer and all his personal legal battles now all behind him, it is but natural for fans of the series to expect that life will finally get better for him.

However, according to reports, the same thing cannot be said about Harvey in "Suits" season 7 as he will encounter a lot of blocks along the road, so to speak. Reportedly, he will encounter some friction with the people around him, including Mike and Louis (Rick Hoffman), because of his beliefs and management style.

Even if Harvey is the managing partner of Specter and Litt, it is said that he will continue with his freestyle management style, something that he got away with in the past — thanks to Jessica who fixed things for him. However, now that Jessica is out of the firm, it is said that Harvey's management style will cause him conflict with Louis .

Apart from possibly getting in conflict with Louis, it is also said that it is also likely for Harvey and Mike to be at loggerheads as well. While it remains to be seen if Harvey will agree with Mike's proposal to make him a co-managing partner of the firm, it is likely for them to be in conflict if Mike becomes one as Harvey handles corporate clients, while Mike rallies for pro-bono cases.

"Harvey made a deal with Mike: one for you, one for me, so we definitely explore how does it work being a law firm that serves two masters — pro bono and corporate cases — because we've laid some groundwork in the past that a lot of times those things are at odds with each other," said "Suits" showrunner Aaron Korsh in an interview with Deadline earlier this month.

"Suits" is expected to return to the USA Network this summer for its season 7.

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