'Supergirl' season 2 spoilers: Spotlight to turn to the Danvers family if show gets renewed

(Facebook/SupergirlCBS)CBS has yet to announce the renewal of "Supergirl."

The other members of the Danvers family will be front and center in the second season of "Supergirl," once CBS gives the green light for the series' renewal.

Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg told Entertainment Weekly that although Kara (Melissa Benoist) and her new adventures would still be the focus of the upcoming installment, there would be episodes dedicated to her sister Alex (Chyler Leigh) and her missing father Jeremiah (Dean Cain). Most of the freshman season showed Alex as the big protective sister of Supergirl and one of the best agents of the Department of Extra-Normal Operations (DEO). Little else has been seen of her personal life. Kreisberg said that it would all change in season 2.

"We haven't gotten to see much of Alex's external life beyond the DEO or beyond her joining Kara's crusade. One of the things we're excited to explore in season 2 is getting to know Alex a little more outside of work and outside of the uniform — getting to see her as more of a fully fledged human being," he said.

Meanwhile, the hunt for Jeremiah will definitely be included in the new installment, as well as the shadowy people behind Project Cadmus. The showrunner said that they have been thinking of the new "big bad" who would go against Kara and that it may have something to do with Cadmus. Season 2 would also reveal the identity of the individual who landed on Earth on a pod similar to Kara's spaceship.

As of press time, CBS has yet to announce whether "Supergirl" is included on the list of freshmen series being renewed. Executive producer Ali Adler told The Hollywood Reporter that they remain optimistic about the show's future. She said that there were still a lot of stories to tell about the main characters in the series. There would also be new characters to look forward to.

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