Surface Pro 5 rumors: Microsoft to launch the device within this quarter

(Microsoft)Shown in the photo is the Surface Pro 4. Rumor has it that Microsoft will launch the Surface Pro 5 within the first quarter of 2017.

After the Surface Pro 5 failed to make an appearance at Microsoft's event last October, the latest in the rumor mill is that the highly anticipated Microsoft laptop-tablet hybrid will be launched within the first quarter of this year.

There is no denying that the Surface Pro 5 is one of the highly anticipated devices. After all, the Surface Pro 4 is already impressive, hence, it is but natural for the techies to expect that its successor will deliver even more awesome features.

However, the wait may be soon over for those who have been anticipating the Surface Pro 5 as, allegedly, Microsoft will launch the device, which is said to be manufactured by Pegatron Technology, within the first three months of this year. 

Meanwhile, it can't be denied that among the many rumored features of the Surface Pro 5, one that has persisted since last year is the one saying that it will come with a rechargeable Surface Pen. While it's true that the Surface Pro 4 already comes with the said accessory, the one to come with the Surface Pro 5, allegedly, has a rechargeable battery that automatically recharges when it docks on the device magnetically.

It is also rumored that the upcoming Microsoft device will pack the latest processor from Intel, the Kaby Lake. In fact, although there were those who expected that the Surface Pro 5 would be launched at Microsoft's October event last year, some believed that it wouldn't be the case as the Intel Kaby Lake was not ready at that time yet. However, as reports claim that the Intel Kaby Lake processors are now being shipped, it is said that there is no more stopping the Surface Pro 5 from arriving soon.

Unconfirmed reports also claim that the Surface Pro 5 will deliver a full cinematic experience to its owners as it will sport a 12.5-inch 4K screen that is, likewise, alleged to support 3D feature at 60 fps. Hence, it is also likely for the device to come with IPS screens instead of the Super AMOLED ones.

While the mentioned rumored specs and features of the Surface Pro 5 are nothing short of impressive, unfortunately, they are nothing but speculations at this point in time and can only be confirmed once the device is launched, hopefully, within this quarter, indeed.

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