'The Affair' season 3 spoilers: Alison gets in between Cole, Laura

(Facebook/TheAffairShowtime)Is Cole the father of Alison's baby in "The Affair"?

Will Alison (Ruth Wilson) continue her unfortunate habit of breaking up happy families in "The Affair" season 3? From the way the storyline is progressing, it looks like she will be gunning for her former husband Cole (Joshua Jackson), now that she and Noah (Dominic West) are separated.

Alison broke Cole's heart when she decided to have an affair with the other man. For months, Cole lived a zombie-like existence. He just could not find the strength to move on, even after seeing how happy Alison was with her new fiancé. In one instance when she and Noah fought, Cole was there to lend a crying shoulder for her. The night ended with them sleeping together, which Scotty (Colin Donnell) unfortunately witnessed.

Now that Cole is married to Luisa (Catalina Sandino Moreno) and Alison is single, viewers are eager to learn how their story will continue. Noah appears to be on the road to reconciling with former wife Helen (Maura Tierney). He finally learned last finale that he was not the father of little Joannie.

According to E! Online, it is now a toss between the two Lockhart brothers. Oscar's (Darren Goldstein) testimony of Alison and Scotty arguing about "their baby" the night the latter died was damning. It suggests that at some point in their lives, Alison and Scotty had an affair.

Most of the commenters on the article, however, believed that it was Cole who fathered Alison's child and that Scotty was just reiterating with her that it was a Lockhart baby. He must have realized that Alison's pregnancy coincided with the night she slept with Cole. If Cole learns that the child is his, how will he react? It will be likely a dream come true, as he has wished for a long time to have his own kid to raise. However, does it mean leaving his new bride?

Meanwhile, Helen and Noah shippers will be devastated to learn that the couple may not end up together in season 3. Tierney hinted to Hollywood Life back in October 2015 that although her character still loves Noah, she was not sure if Helen is still "in love" with him.

"The Affair" season 3 is expected to premiere this fall on Showtime.

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