'The Americans' season 4 episode 5 spoilers: Philip's difficult choice affects his relationship with Martha

(The Americans / Facebook)Episode 5 of "The Americans" will put Philip in a tough situation.

Philip has to make a very difficult choice in the upcoming episode 5, titled "Clark's Place," of the fourth season of the American period drama "The Americans."

The official synopsis reveals that Philip has to face a very tough decision that will have a huge instant impact on him and Martha. Philip, who's work-wife is Elizabeth, is married to Martha Hanson. She was his interviewee at an assignment at the Internal Affairs Division of the Committee to oversee United States' counterintelligence agencies. After the fated interview, they eventually had a romantic relationship that led to marriage.

In the promo trailer for "Clark's Place," Gabriel, a KGB handler, visited Russian spies who are pretending to be a married couple, Philip and Elizabeth, to check if they have taken care of the Pastor and his wife, who both know about their secret after their daughter Paige confessed the matter to them. Elizabeth assures the KGB that they are working on it. FBI agent Stan has been told that something's going on with Martha; they have been informed that she is having an affair with a married man. Martha is seen expressing her frustrations to Clarke (a.k.a. Philip), telling him that she can no longer live as someone's secret. The rep from KGB tells Philip and Elizabeth that Martha discovered that the FBI knows about them. However, Philip refuses to believe it.

The trailer further shows Paige telling Elizabeth how she feels weird when her parents suddenly disappears and that Pastor Tim asked her if her parents hurt people. Before the clip ends, Martha is seen talking to someone on the phone in the phonebooth. Philip tells her that he loves her.

Meanwhile, here is the recap of the previous episode titled "Chloramphenicol."

Philip, Elizabeth, and William were quarantined after they started succumbing to the Glanders, the man-made disease used as a mass weapon. It resulted to the postponement of their plans to straight things out with Pastor Tim.

"The Americans" season 4 airs every Wednesday at 10 p.m. on FX.

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