'The Flash' movie rumors: Kiersey Clemons and Rita Ora compete for the Iris West role

(DC Comics)Apart from Ezra Miller, not much about the cast of DC and Warner Brothers' upcoming live-action "The Flash" movie is known.

While it has already been reported that Ezra Miller is quite a revelation as The Flash in the upcoming "Justice League" movie, nothing much about his standalone "The Flash" movie has been said. However, it seems that the Scarlet Speedster's standalone movie is inching its way to cast formation as additional actors are rumored to be considered for certain roles. When it comes to The Flash's love interest, though, it seems that Rita Ora and Kiersey Clemons are still in a tug-of-war as both are said to be the two top choices to breathe life to the role of Iris West.

In an exclusive report of Variety, it has been revealed that Clemons is said to be the top choice to play the role of Iris West. According to the sources of the publication, "The Flash" director Rick Famuyiwa has already fixed his eyes on Clemons to play Iris West, the journalist friend and special someone of Barry Allen, The Flash's alter ego, in the comic books.

However, other reports claim that Ora may have a good chance of bagging the role, too. An insider has, allegedly, claimed that the actress had impressed the producers of "The Flash" -— thanks to her superb acting — and is likely to end up playing Iris West.

Ora is most remembered for her Mia Grey role in the "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie.

Apart from Clemons and Ora, it has also been learned that British actress Lucy Boynton is also being considered for the role. However, if the reports are to be believed, it is apparent that the competition is between the first two mentioned actresses.

Meanwhile, in related news, last month, Miller earned praises from various publications after a select group of journalists were invited to a "Justice League" set visit, which is currently still in production in a London Studio. Based on various reports, Miller as The Flash is quite impressive and provides a comic relief to the movie.

However, with the rebooted "Lara Croft" movie scheduled for a release on the same week that has already been booked for "The Flash," there are now rumors claiming that the Miller-starrer may avoid a direct competition and will be moved to a different release date. With this, fans may either get lucky to see the film much earlier than its original March 16, 2018 showing or may have to settle for a delayed release.

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