'The Fosters' season 4 episode 14 spoilers: Stef to resort to a drastic decision, Brandon's confession the last straw

(Facebook/The Fosters)Stef will resort to some drastic measures following Brandon's admission in "The Fosters" season 4 episode 14.

The upcoming episode 14 of "The Fosters" season 4 will feature Stef (Teri Polo) resorting to drastic measures to teach her kids to be completely honest with her.

Next week's episode of "The Fosters" will feature Stef removing the bedroom doors of each of her kids. As long as the children keep hiding secrets from her, her decision to strip them a great deal of privacy will remain. 

According to the synopsis for the upcoming episode, Stef's decision to remove the doors stems from Brandon's (David Lambert) confession that he did not get into Juilliard because of his SAT test scandal. Apparently, Brandon's reveal is the last straw as some episodes ago, Stef also learned that Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) was secretly taking Jesus' (Noah Centineo) ADHD medication and that Callie (Maia Mitchell) and Brandon were in a secret relationship with each other.

Carter Matt opines that, while it is true that Stef's decision to remove the bedroom doors of her kids is absolutely intrusive, it is totally understandable as she feels that her kids are shutting her out of their lives. After all, Stef believes that their lives will be much better if they allow her to be what a mother should be to her kids.

Apart from Brandon's revelation, Stef and Lena's (Sherri Saum) frustrations will be further aggravated as Robert (Kerr Smith), Callie's biological father, will be hiring the services of pricey lawyers to handle his daughter's case. While the Fosters couple understands that Robert only wants to help his daughter, as he is concerned about her, his action will still hurt them. Hence, it goes without saying that Stef and Lena will feel more bypassed in the upcoming episode.

Meanwhile, based on the teaser for the upcoming episode 14 of "The Fosters" season 4, Jesus is seen already back at home and recuperating. However, it is apparent that his constant mood swings will get under the skin of his parents.

How will the Fosters kids handle Stef's decision? Will they be finally forced to be honest to their parents?

Find out when "The Fosters" season 4 episode 14, titled "Doors and Windows, airs on Tuesday, Feb. 21, on Freeform at 7/8 C p.m.

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