'The Fosters' season 4 spoilers, air date: Mariana and Nick come clean with their secrets

(Facebook/TheFostersTV)Mariana's love life becomes more complicated in "The Fosters" season 4.

It is going to be a complicated season for Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) when "The Fosters" returns for its newest installment this summer. Although she and ex-boyfriend Mat (Jordan Rodrigues) now know where they stand and have decided to remain friends, murderous Nick (Louis Hunter) thinks they are cheating on him.

During the finale, Nick saw the pair kissing in Brandon's (David Lambert) party. Prior to this, it was revealed that he kept Mat's letter to Mariana, which asked her for another chance. The jealous teen then went to the set of "Romeo & Juliet" and used the love letter to torch the whole place down. Later on, he drove by the Fosters' house, all the while contemplating whether to bring with him the gun in the car's compartment.

While it is possible that Nick will not cause problems in the party and reconciles with Mariana, he still has to tell her about the letter. Nick decided to keep it because he knew Mariana would return to Mat the moment she read the content. As for Mariana, it is now clear to her where her heart lies, but she does not want to hurt Nick. Once she learns about his betrayal, will she break up with him and return to Mat? What about Mat's girlfriend Zoey (Anna Grace Barlow)?

Meanwhile, Callie (Maia Mitchell) and Brandon have a lot to explain to their parents after their secret relationship has been exposed. A reporter somehow learned that they slept together and decided to pull the plug to their illicit connection. The last minutes of the finale showed Callie finally telling her mothers the truth. In her interview with TV Line, Mitchell hinted that her character is still in love with Brandon but remains steadfast with her decision to move on.

"She's definitely reflecting and sad and grieving and proud of him. I don't think it's going to change their course of action. They both know what has to happen, and they're on the right track with it," the actress shared.

"The Fosters" season 4 is expected to premiere this June 20 on Freeform.

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