'The Walking Dead' season 6 episode 10 spoiler: Rick and Michonne romance revealed

(AMC/The Walking Dead)Rick and Michonne in "The Walking Dead" season 6 episode 10

The 10th episode of "The Walking Dead" season 6 just threw an unexpected bomb in the middle of an apocalypse. Although past episodes have hinted a possible romance between Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira), no one saw it coming in "The New World" episode last Sunday.

The blossoming of their long overdue romance came just after Rick's former lover Jessie (Alexandra Breckenridge) died in the "No Way Out" episode. It must be noted, though, that between the two episodes, there was a two-month jump up in the timeline.

In an interview with TVLine, showrunner Scott M. Gimple disclosed why he finally decided to give in to what fans have been clamoring about between the two main characters.

"At this point in the story, the characters have fought their battles and won their home, their safety... [T]hey've found a certain peace. And that's when these two characters could realize what they had," he said.

Talking to TVLine, Lincoln revealed how he found out about it. He said he had no chance of reading the script for episode 10 because he was all caught up filming for the midseason premiere.

"I [went back and] read it and I just screamed. I ran to [her] trailer and I said, "What?! Why didn't you tell me!" And she said, "I couldn't! I was freaking out!," he recalled.

Meanwhile, Gurira talked to Variety about this new chapter in her character's life. "I had a pretty good inkling something was coming soon between the characters... Seeing it in writing was like, 'Whoaaaa!' I was kind of thrown," she admitted.

While avid viewers are hoping for more intimate moments for the new couple, they may end up disappointed. Lincoln further revealed that the storyline for the upcoming episodes will move very fast.

"It was a lovely respite, but we do get back to more of a normal show in the next six episodes," the lead actor said. "[T]hey love each other. But you may have to wait a little while before the next moment of intimacy."

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