'The Walking Dead' season 7 episode 10 synopsis: Rick seeks to recruit the new mysterious group

In an upcoming episode of "The Walking Dead," viewers will once again see the mysterious group who appeared during the midseason premiere, "Rock in the Road."

(Facebook/TheWalkingDeadAMC)"The Walking Dead" is back from its midseason break.

In the trailer for season 7 episode 10 of "The Walking Dead," Rick (Andrew Lincoln) does not look fazed when confronted by the group that vastly outnumbers them. When one individual speaks out and says, "We own your lives. Wanna buy them back?" Rick takes it as an opportunity to get new recruits.

Instead of cowering in fear and negotiating for their lives, he responds with, "The Saviors — they own our lives, and they will come looking. But there is a way out."

Rick and the gang are at a community situated in what seems like a junkyard. The people from this walled society all have the same blank stare and wear the same dark clothes. When Rick steps into their territory, they emerge with weapons, some with guns, some with whatever sharp and deadly object they could find.

Little is known about the mysterious group, but fans seem certain that it has something to do with Father Gabriel's (Seth Gilliam) leaving Alexandria. In the latest episode, the priest raided the community's pantry and armory, and rode off into the night. More importantly, it seemed like he was coerced into betraying the rest of the survivors of Alexandria. A silhouette of an individual appeared on the passenger's seat of his car as he was driving off into the night.

As previously reported, the back half of "The Walking Dead" season 7 will introduce new communities, perhaps ones that could lead Rick and the Alexandrians back to freedom.

There is no question that Rick is gearing up for war against the Saviors, but will he be able to get the support of these new communities?

"The Walking Dead" season 7B airs Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on AMC.

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