'The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt' patch 1.07 will fix issues; console gamers have longer wait for patch 1.05


"The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" was released on Microsoft Windows, as well as on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One game consoles last May 19, 2015. CD Projekt RED has already released patch 1.03 for the award-winning game last May 21. The patch was for the PC and was released to improve the game's graphics options and make it more stable in terms of performance.

Patch 1.03 was quickly followed by patch 1.06 and PC gamers can expect patch 1.07 to arrive soon.

According to CD Projekt employee Marcin Momot, the latest patch is pretty big and will fix many issues. Writing about what to expect in a thread on the company's forums, Marmon reveals that the company is already working on the patch and added that "it's not going to be too long before it comes out."

"Cant' talk about the detailed list of changes but it will feature A LOT of fixes," he added.

The fact that the patches have all been released on the PC while 1.05 still has not arrived on consoles have made PS4 and Xbox One fans feel left out. Unfortunately, it seems they will be feeling this way for a while.

When asked by a user on Twitter if the patch will be arriving this week, Momot tweeted "Not this week. Sorry." But he was quick to reassure gamers that Projekt Red was not playing favorites between PCs and consoles.  

"Consoles have some other issues (some are really time-consuming to fix) and we want to make sure everything works as intended when released," he explained, before asking for more patience. "After 1.05, there will be a huge patch coming up next (it's already in the works)."

The console version of patch 1.05 is expected to fix several problems in "Witcher 3," like the gold resetting after 65535, the bug that causes Geralt's clothes to appear different and the issue with saving mutagen bonuses.

The next patch after 1.05 is expected to be released shortly after in both PCs and consoles.

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