Tim Tebow news: Denver Broncos return petition now has over 2,800 signatures


Tim Tebow has recently been linked to a potential political career, but most would prefer to see him back on the field outside his daily causes.

Right now, his former team, the Denver Broncos, are in need of a quarterback and he could be an option, if only Broncos general manager John Elway would take the risk. Tebow was traded back in 2012 due to his questionable pass completion rate, though the Broncos could opt to see if they can correct all that.

Denver Bronco fans are trying to sway that signing as well through a petition which has already amassed over 2,800 signatures. It can be viewed via change.org.

Mark Sanchez is the lone quarterback the Broncos have as of the moment and chances are he could likely start if no big name comes around. Should Tebow be considered once more? There could be a lot of factors to think about before the Broncos seriously consider him back and that includes the coming 2016 NFL Draft which happens on April 28.

The Broncos have 10 draft picks to use and can pick four players in the first three rounds. The best shot for the team is the first round 31st pick where it will most likely be used on a quarterback. A potential target could be Brian Hoyer, though there could be issues on salary expectations.

If not, could Tebow be given even the slimmest chance?

The 2012 trade involving Tebow happened mainly because Peyton Manning was signed at the time. Manning retired after Super Bowl 50 and the Broncos are now looking for a new starting quarterback. Brock Osweiler would have been that guy but he opted to pack his bags and join the Houston Texans.

The thing is that the Broncos didn't gamble on what Tebow brings back in 2011-12. They traded him despite the fact that he led the team to the playoffs. He also led the Broncos to an opening round win over the Pittsburgh Steelers – the first time they were able to do so since 2005.

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