'Titanfall 2' 'Angel City' news, updates: New map, Titan Kits and other content come with new patch

(YouTube/RespawnEntertainment)"Titanfall 2" Angel City patch will go live for everyone on Dec. 2.

Players of "Titanfall 2" will get a new map, Titan Kits, features, balance changes and more with the release of the Angel City patch.

As the name suggests, the game update brings in a new map that can be played any time of the day and any day of the week with the help of a 24/7 playlist. This playlist will include the campaigns Attrition, Bounty Hunt and Amped Hardpoint. It is promised to be available "as long as it remains popular" while Angel City will soon be included in other playlists' map rotation.

As mentioned, the patch brings several Titan Kits. For example, Ronin gets the Phase Reflex that will bring the Titan out of danger once it is doomed. Northstar can zoom in on approaching enemies with the Threat Optics. Legion's Power Shot gets two charges with the new Hidden Compartment kit. Tone gets the new Burst Loader that will allow its 40-millimetre weapon to store up to three shots. Ion's Splitter Rifle will split in five ways with the help of the new Refraction Lens.

The Angel City patch will also introduce new purchasable content like new looks through the Scorch and Ion Prime Titans, Titan Art Packs that will allow players to customize their Titan with an option of five new Nose Arts and exclusive Warpaint skin. Players can also buy the Camo Pack that includes 20 new Camos that can be used on Titans, weapons, and pilots.

The game update went live last Tuesday, Nov. 29 for players with early access privileges as well as those who pre-ordered the full game. However, those who did not pre-order will still have a chance to experience the Angel City before everyone else. They just have to join a network that got invited to join the playlist for the early access.

For everybody else, "Titanfall 2" Angel City is scheduled to go live tomorrow, Dec. 2, at 7 p.m. EST.

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