'Tokyo Ghoul' 3 release date rumors: winter launch with a 'Tokyo Ghoul' game?

(GameSamba)A mobile game based on "Tokyo Ghoul" is set to arrive this year. Will it be joined by the anime series' third season?

"Tokyo Ghoul" season 3 is reportedly coming out later this year, and it will not be alone upon its release. According to reports, GameSamba and FUNimation have inked an agreement to come up with a "Tokyo Ghoul" mobile game.

Anime News Network, in a report based on GameSamba and FUNimation's press release, revealed that CEO and President Gen Fukunaga alluded to the season 3 release of "Tokyo Ghoul" to be sometime in 2016. However, there are some who remain skeptical about whether this is going to happen as the anime series allegedly lacks resource materials from its manga counterpart.

It was last winter 2014 when "Tokyo Ghoul" debuted as an anime adaptation of the manga series. The show introduced to the viewers an alternate reality that is composed of cannibalistic creatures known as ghouls. The anime series went on entertaining its loyal viewers via its second season run in 2015 but was poorly accepted because its episodes deviated from the story of its manga counterpart.

In the event that rumors claiming that the production of the anime series is experiencing setbacks due to lack of material, deviating from the original manga story just to complete the season 3 of "Tokyo Ghoul" may not be a wise move — fans already expressed their discontent over the show's deviation from the original story and even petitioned that the anime series be rebooted by a different studio.

On the other hand, there were also reports claiming that "Tokyo Ghoul" is, indeed, getting a third season run coming this winter. The source of the news claimed that its staff was privileged to see the first two episodes of the anime series, and fans were ecstatic upon finding out that one of "Tokyo Ghoul" characters, Touka Kirishima, is pursuing a college degree in To-Oh University. Fans couldn't help but point out that the university is the same institution where another manga character, Light Yagami of "Death Note," goes to. However, it turned out that the source was a satirical website.

At this point in time, fans can only wait and see if "Tokyo Ghoul" is, indeed, returning for its third season run this winter.

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