'Transformers 5' Release Date, News, Spoilers, Casting: 'The Age of Extinction' sequel to be directed by Michael Bay

(Wikipedia)Michael Bay might be returning to direct the upcoming Transformer movie

After promising to pass on the baton of the "Transformers" franchise to other directors, it seems like Michael Bay will be still sitting in the director's chair for its fifth installment.

When asked if he knew anything about the "Transformers" sequel, Mark Wahlberg told Collider:

"I don't. Just that Akiva [Goldsman] and those guys are starting to write and break stories, and stuff like that. But [Michael] Bay is in Malta shooting Benghazi, and I'm in New Orleans shooting Deepwater. We'll get together when he gets back."

"Transformers" current lead star Wahlberg has been asked about the director of the upcoming sequel several times. Wahlberg is positive that Bay will return as a director for the new installment, though Collider has speculated that he may return only if the script is to his liking.

Wahlberg has assumed the lead role in the franchise after Shia Labeouf, who played the lead role in the series for three films before a soft reboot for the franchise was announced. Wahlberg has said that he has been asked to reprise his role in several more films if required.

Bay could assume the role of executive producer for "Transformers 5", though one of the film's producers, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, has expressed reservations about replacing the famous director, saying:

"I guess if you had to think about who would be the next one, my guess is it would be somebody who probably was a kid who watched the show as a kid because then they'll have a fundamental understanding of the D.N.A. in a way. And are able to bring that thing that you have when you've grown up with it. It sinks into you in a different way."

In May, Paramount Pictures had announced that the studio had already hired writers to start developing the plot for the new "Transformers" sequel. "Transformers 5" is slated for release in 2017, though there is no word yet about the movie's director or production date.

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