Who is David Dao? Asian Doctor Dragged Off United Flight

(Twitter/Jayse D. Anspach)David Dao being forcibly dragged from a United Airlines flight

United Airlines is currently in the midst of an uproar from people who saw the viral video of how the airline treated one of its customers. David Dao, the bloodied man in the video, is, apparently, a physician who was in a hurry to return home as he had patients that needed his services.

A video posted on Twitter last Sunday showed a man being forcibly dragged from his seat. It didn't take long before the video went viral, but who is the man in the video and what exactly happened? The passenger has since been identified as David Dao, a 69-year-old doctor specializing in internal medicine.

He booked a flight bound to Louisville, Kentucky. The said flight was allegedly overbooked and United Airlines asked its passengers to give up their seats to make way for four passengers who also needed to reach Kentucky in time. The said four passengers are reportedly from a partner airline.

The airline even offered its already seated passengers $1,000 to give up their seats. However, no one was willing to accept the offer since it was pretty inconvenient. But why is Dao the only one being moved from his seat?

Dao is a Vietnamese-American immigrant. That being said, many speculated that it was because of his race that Dao was forced to leave the plane. However, in an internal letter sent by the airline's CEO, Oscar Munoz, Dao's race had nothing to do with why he was kicked off the plane.

Munoz explained that the passengers were randomly picked and Dao was unfortunate enough to be one of them. However, Dao refused to give up his seat. He insisted that he too needed to get to Kentucky that time because he still had patients to take care of the next day. He was then forcibly removed from his seat with the help of aviation police. Meanwhile, Munoz has already issued an apology. The incident is now being investigated.

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