'Wolverine 3' production taking place in New Mexico until August

(Facebook / Hugh Jackman)Hugh Jackman shares a picture of himself getting ready for his role as "Wolverine."

Filming for "Wolverine 3" began in New Orleans in May and production has transferred to New Mexico. The local film outfit, New Mexican Film, revealed that shooting will take place until August.

The news was shared by Albuquerque Journal, which also reported that the production that began this month will take place in Duke City, Rio Rancho, Abiquiu, and Chama. The opportunity to work is extended to the people in the area as the filming will hire 130 New Mexico crew members and two New Mexico cast members. 600 extras will also be needed throughout filming.

Film Office director Nick Maniatis said, "New Mexico continues to be a top player in the film and television industry. This latest production announcement is a testament to the hard-working and talented people in our state who have become a vibrant, sustainable and diverse contributor to our economy."

Actor Hugh Jackman will reprise his role as the titanium-infused mutant, who is also known by the name Logan. He will be joined by actor Patrick Stewart who will also reprise his role as the leader of the X-Men and the powerful psychic, Professor X.

Professor X plays a big role in the journey of Wolverine to controlling his abilities and to finding out about his true origins. Both actors are part of the original cast members to give life to the comic characters on the big screen.

A younger cast has been introduced via the new "X-Men" series, but a younger actor to play Wolverine has not yet been featured. It is speculated that the third and last installment of Jackman's "Wolverine" will include the introduction of the actor to play the iconic role.
Wolverine's abilities include regeneration and he is not supposed to show physical signs of ageing. A popular theory involves the story arc of a female wolverine known as X-23. In the comics, the female Wolverine was created with the use of Logan's genetic sample also known as Weapon X.

"Wolverine 3" is expected to premiere on March 3, 2017.

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