'Wonder Woman' release date: New trailer sparks outrage over Gal Gadot's armpits

Warner Bros. recently shared a new trailer for its upcoming big screen adaptation of DC's Amazonian heroine, "Wonder Woman," who will be portrayed by Gal Gadot.

(Facebook/Wonder Woman)"Wonder Woman" faces another outrage.

The latest trailer for "Wonder Woman" sparked outrage in online communities, leading to numerous debates. Fans, who are very particular about the character's portrayal, have struck again. With the latest tease, Gadot has once again been called out for her portrayal of the character. This time, it is for having smooth and hairless armpits which, according to these fans, is very peculiar for an Amazonian character.

Meanwhile, others noted that the armpit appears to be in a completely different shade from Gadot's actual skin tone. Reports refer to it as a post-production mess. The trailer, which pretty much shows off Gadot's alleged fake tan and bleached crease-less armpits, is appalling for a number of DC fans.

When Gadot makes her debut in the first standalone film in the DC Multiverse, viewers will be seeing her as the savior of humankind. In the film, Gadot's Diana is the daughter of Hippolyta and Zeus. Prior to the god's demise, who was killed by his own son Ares, he left a gift, the only weapon that could kill Ares.

Initially, Diana will be told that a sword, one which Hippolyta has kept through the years, will only be able to kill Ares. But eventually she learns that the sword is not Zeus' gift, and that it was hers all along.

Warner Bros. and DC definitely do not need the latest negative comments surrounding their upcoming film. Although a number of fans were pleased with the preceding DC films, "Batman vs. Superman" and "Suicide Squad," both titles were still shot down by negative reviews.

"Wonder Woman" premieres this June 2.

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