'WWE 2K16' updates: Steve Austin graces cover; are Boogeyman and Eva Marie in the roster?

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Just a little over three months till the release of "WWE 2K16," and gamers are starting to know more details about the player roster. They also seem to be getting a positive response to their clamor for a new wrestler to grace the cover.

The official roster for 2K Sports and Take-Two Interactive's "WWE 2K16" has not been released yet, with its official website still not having an active roster tab for the latest iteration of the wrestling game.

But numerous rumors have surfaced as to who might be making appearances. Earlier this week, Boogeyman posted a tweet saying, "BOOGEYMAN WWE2k16...make some noise WWE UNIVERSE." This left some websites, like Product Reviews, to assume that he might be included in the roster. They also noted that this may also be just a ploy to convince Triple H and Vince McMahon to actually include him in the official roster.

Another rumored wrestler in the roster is Diva Eva Marie. While there is still no confirmation of her inclusion, she has already posted a photo of a commercial shoot for the said game. The only other wrestlers who have shot a video for the game are Seth Rollins, who was one of the six only confirmed playable wrestlers in "WWE 2K16," and Steve Austin, who graces the cover of the game.

Speaking of Austin, the game developers are receiving flak for putting another "classic" wrestler on the cover. Fans of the game — both video and the televised show — have already expressed their dislike of seeing former wrestlers gracing the cover.

They want an active player for "2k14" and "2K15" but got The Rock and John Cena instead, both of whom are already inactive from WWE when the games were released. Bleacher Report weighs in on the issue and says that having Steve Austin may gain the interest of the "nostalgic fanbase" but does nothing for the future of the franchise.

"WWE 2K16" hits gaming shelves this Oct. 27, 2015 and will be available for the PlayStation 3 and 4 and Xbox 360 and One. It is now available for pre-order at $59.99.

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