'WWE 2K17' release date: player-created move sets to be featured?

(Twitter courtesy of WWE 2K)

Wrestling fans who may have been unsatisfied with the accuracy of the move sets featured in previous and even current "WWE 2K" games can now change things themselves starting with "WWE 2K17."

Recently, 2K set up a new community project designed to gather both feedback and content from the fans.

Specifically, the newly established project intends to solicit player-created move sets, and the best and most popular ones may end up being included in the next "WWE 2K" game and perhaps even in other future installments of the franchise.

Once players have created their move sets for their chosen superstar or superstars, they can then submit those to a dedicated sub-forum, so that other community members can then peruse, examine and even discuss them.

According to a post in the 2K forums detailing the move set project, community members can then show their support for their preferred submissions by downloading the creations and even just voting for them.

The votes and downloads are just two of the factors that 2K will consider when it comes to determining how viable a move set is and whether it can be featured in a game such as "WWE 2K17."

2K has indicated that the comprehensiveness of a particular move set will also play a role in determining whether or not it can be usable for the game.

For instance, a customized move set that only accounts for the finishers and signature moves of a particular superstar will likely not be as positively received both by developers and other community members compared to one that also includes suggestions for basic actions such as strikes and holds.

2K has also provided a template that players can use to help create their customized superstar-specific move sets.

The player-submitted creations will be reviewed and discussed throughout the following weeks, and after that, the best ones may soon find themselves inside future "WWE 2K" games.

As for this year's installment of the wrestling game franchise, no official release date for "WWE 2K17" has been announced just yet, though it is expected to arrive later this year.

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