'WWE 2K17' roster: improved character models of new wrestlers

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The anticipation around the game "WWE 2K17" is growing and reaching fever pitch even though it has not been announced formally. Among the recent rumors that players have been tracking is one that points toward several wrestlers being rescanned.

Reporting on the rumors about "WWE 2K17," a website claimed that recently several wrestlers missed tapings for SmackDown. Incidentally, they were forced to miss the tapings because they were being rescanned for the upcoming "WWE 2K17" game. Among the wrestlers that missed SmackDown were Sheamus, Big Show, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Alberto Del Rio.

Since these wrestlers have been part of the WWE gaming franchise in the past, it is likely that this particular rumor is, in fact, true. However, they have already been scanned for previous games and so the rumored rescanning is not really necessary. However, there are indications that the rescanning became necessary as better models of these wrestlers are being created for the upcoming "WWE 2K17" game.

Importantly, these wrestlers have a good relationship with the WWE establishment and it is likely that they will be included in the roster of the upcoming game. Meanwhile, it is likely that Rollins, who is currently injured, will also be seen in the game.

As for gamers, they are wondering if Chyna, who passed away recently, will be included in the roster of the upcoming "WWE 2K17" game. Earlier, there were rumors that seemed to back up this theory, but since then, no information has been released officially.

WhatCulture, meanwhile, has stated that since "WWE 2K17" is going to release in about six months' time, rumors about it are naturally going to increase. It goes on to point out that among the wrestlers who have been rescanned are Bray Wyatt, Brie Bella, and Alundra Blayz. As for the new features in the upcoming game, it states that more attention should be paid to WCW and a game mode should be fashioned around it as it has proven to be very popular in the past.

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