Xbox One Backwards Compatibility games: Microsoft adds 'Beat'n Groovy,' 'Mega Man 9,' and 'Mega Man 10'

Microsoft has added new titles to the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility roster this month. And it is promising to add hundreds of titles in the months to come.

(Facebook/xbox)Microsoft adds new Xbox 360 titles to the Xbox One Backward Compatibility roster.

Last Jan. 10, Microsoft made six Xbox 360 titles available for Xbox One gamers. The tech giant added "Battlefield: Bad Company 2," "Battlefield 3," "Dragon Age: Origins," "Ghostbusters," "Scrap Metal," "The Splatters," and "Strania."

On Jan. 12, Microsoft introduced three new titles to the Backwards Compatibility list. "Beat'n Groovy," "Mega Man 9," and "Mega Man 10" are now playable on Xbox One consoles.

"Beat'n Groovy" is a musical game based on a Japanese title called "Pop'n Music," which hasn't been released outside the country. The game developed by Voltex and published by Konami debuted in October 2008.

"Mega Man 9" is part of a popular video game series developed by Capcom and Inti Creates, and it is best known as "Rockman 9: Yabo no Fukkatsu!!" in Japan. It was initially launched in September 2008. Its succeeding title, "Mega Man 10," the 10th installment in the original Mega Man series, debuted in March 2010.

For the uninitiated, the Xbox One Backward Compatibility feature allows gamers of this particular console to enjoy titles published for the Xbox 360 console. Not all Xbox 360 games have made it to the list, but Microsoft strives to add new titles every month.

The list has already hundreds of titles on it. A few of the fan favorites include "Bioshock," "Oblivion," "Mass Effect," "Call of Duty," and "Red Dead Redemption."

The Backward Compatibility feature is free; however, players will only be able to enjoy the Xbox 360 titles that they already own. Xbox One gamers can always purchase the titles once they make it to the roster.

Microsoft has yet to add all the titles from the Xbox 360 console, but negotiations are currently in place. But ultimately, the decision to add the remaining titles to the roster is up to the individual game publishers.

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