Xbox Project Scorpio update: Final specs unveiled; price predicted

(Xbox website)Microsoft's Xbox Project Scorpio

Microsoft has dropped a huge update about Project Scorpio. The technology company has unveiled details of its project's final specs.

Compared to Xbox One S, Microsoft's Project Scorpio is more of a revamp of Xbox One. In a video released by Digital Foundry via YouTube, the upcoming console is set to be powered by eight custom central processing unit (CPU) cores running at 2.3 GHz.

It will also have a 12 GB memory, much larger than Xbox One's 8 GB memory storage. The device also boasts of 1 TB hard drive.

Furthermore, Xbox One S can only play 4K videos. Project Scorpio, on the other hand, will support 4K gaming, as well as virtual reality (VR). That being said, gamers would probably love this new console.

Microsoft's previous console, Xbox One, runs at 1.32 teraflops per second. On the other hand, the tech giant's upcoming console will run at a speed of six teraflops per second.

There are no words yet as to how much will the forthcoming console cost. Eurogamer speculates that Project Scorpio might cost more than a PS4 Pro, given that the console has promising specs. The Project Scorpio is predicted with a price tag of $499 — same as the XBox One's launch price.

For reference, Sony's PS4 Pro, which was released last year, costs $399. Moreover, with Project Scorpio's impressive specs, speculations say that the upcoming console might upstage Sony PlayStation's PS4.

Project Scorpio is also being compared to PS4 Pro. Sony's console has only eight jaguar cores CPU at 2.1 GHz. Project Scorpio also has a 40-unit graphics processing unit (GPU) at 1,172 MHz, while PS4 Pro only has 36 units at 911 MHz.

In addition, PS4 Pro only has an 8 GB memory storage. It is much smaller that Project Scorpio's memory. However, PS4 Pro's hard drive is the same as that of Microsoft's Project Scorpio.

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