• morganfull

    Welsh Church Leader Denies Political Party's Claims of Upholding Christian Values

  • Vatican Likely to Acquit Pope Assailant Due to Psychological Issues

  • Anglican Leaders Condemn Zimbabwe Police Action Against Christmas Church Goers

  • Faith Leaders Disappointed at Copenhagen Accord

  • Ecumenicals Express "Hope" for Climate Deal as Summit Enters Overtime

  • mosulfull

    Five Killed, Dozens Wounded From Iraqi Church Bombings

  • Bishop Urges British Government to Step Up Plans for High Speed Internet

  • Palestinian Christians Call to End 'Tragedy' of Israeli Occupation

  • Faith Leaders Weigh In On Copenhagen

  • banfull

    UN Head 'Optimistic' About Copenhagen Agreement

  • potterfull

    World Council of Churches Renames Library After Former Secretary

  • Serbian Orthodox Head Dies at 95

  • wwfull

    Archbishop of Canterbury Honors UK WWI Veterans

  • berlinfull

    Ecumenicals: 'Christian Hope and Perseverance' Brought Down Berlin Wall