Faith-based coalition joins for 16 days of activism to defeat gender-based violence

Demonstrators attend a peace rally
By Peter Kenny

A global coalition of faith-based organizations is working together to address unprecedented levels of violence against women and girls.

Lutheran-led peace march prompts some Salvadoran gangs to halt violence

By Peter Kenny

Some Salvadoran gangs responsible for widespread violence have announced a cessation of violence following a peace march organized by the Salvadoran Lutheran Church in the capital San Salvador.

Archbishop who built Albanian church from nothing says Christians need to influence their leaders

By Peter Kenny

Albanian Archbishop Anastasios knows about rebuilding churches from nothing. He began his leadership as Orthodox Archbishop of Tirana, Durrës and all Albania in 1992, shortly after the State that had banned all religion began ditching communism.

'Our man in South Africa,' revealing fight against apartheid, debuts on Dutch TV

By Peter Kenny

Dutch television is debuting a penetrating insight into the last years of apartheid through the documentary "Our main in South Africa" (Onze man in Zuid Afrika).

Climate change action needs both science and faith, says Ecumenical Patriarch

By Peter Kenny

Science can inform people about the world but it along cannot reach them to change their commitment and actions to save the planet, says the Ecumenical Patriarch, who leads Orthodox Christians globally.

Pope sends peace message before visit to Kenya, Uganda and CAR

By Peter Kenny

Pope Francis has sent a video sent message of "peace, reconciliation, dialogue" to Kenya, Uganda and the Central African Republic on the eve of a visit to the three nations beginning

Ban on Lord's Prayer ad in UK cinemas bewilders Church of England

By Peter Kenny

Advertisers supplying Britain's major cinema chains have sparked a furor by banning an ad featuring the Lord's Prayer in case it offends people from being screened in theaters after earlier agreeing to do so.

'Religion, Peace and Violence' is theme for Christian-Muslim meeting days after Paris, Berut attacks

By Peter Kenny

Mere days after terror attacks in Beirut and Paris, the theme of an interfaith meeting of Christians and Muslims at the Ecumenical Centre in Geneva on "Religion, Peace and Violence" was entirely appropriate, said participants.

Official says Pakistan has executed at least 300 people in past 11 months, think tank reports

By Ecumenical News Reporter

An anonymous Pakistan Interior Ministry official has said that the country's total for hangings in 2015 "now stands at 311" eleven months after the country resumed executions 11 months ago.

'Genocide' commemoration to remember, not to stir hatred, say Armenians

By Robert Evans

On a rocky plateau overlooking the Armenian capital Yerevan, a small group of serious-faced teenagers each clutching a white flower stand under towering basalt stone slabs. Their eyes are fixed on a flickering flame in the centre of a circular stone basin sunk in the rock before them.

Pope Francis' prayers at service with Rome's Lutherans hailed by LWF

By Peter Kenny

Lutheran World Federation general secretary, Rev. Martin Junge, has lauded Pope Francis' prayers with Rome's Lutheran community on Nov. 15 as a great encouragement for Roman Catholics and Lutherans to move from conflict to communion.

Prayers at service commemorating Armenian genocide turn to Paris, Beirut attacks

By Peter Kenny

They met in Geneva's St. Pierre Protestant Cathedral and the central focus of their Sunday prayers was to have been to commemorate the Armenian Genocide of 1915-23, but their prayers turned to events in Paris and Beirut in the preceding days.

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