Gay priest gives refuge to former anti-gay governor in Catholic rectory

Demonstrators attend a peace rally
By Henri Rose Cimatu

A former US governor who was once a vocal opponent of homosexuality has been given refuge during a corruption trial by a Catholic priest who was caught having sex with a man in 2002.

Government, Islamic State execute war crimes in Syria, says UN report

By Peter Kenny

Mass atrocities by Government forces and groups such as the Islamic State continue to take place in Syria and amount to war crimes, says the United Nations.

Indonesia's Borbudur Temple security upped after IS threat to raze it

By Miko Morelos

The Islamic State jihadist movement is intent on destroying Christianity, Shia Muslims, and now Buddhism.

Filipino bishops urge government to probe purported IS recruitment

By Miko Morelos

A Filipino Catholic leader is calling on the Philippine government to examine reports that people from Davao City were recruited and are currently receiving training by the jihadist group the Islamic State.

Tibetan monks join Ferguson protesters; church adopts 'no shoot' position

By Henri Rose Cimatu

A group of exiled Tibetan Buddhist monks travelled from India to join protesters in Ferguson, Missouri earlier this month in support of an unarmed black teenager who was shot dead by police.

Former UK attorney general says British Christians forced to hide beliefs

By Henri Rose Cimatu

A former UK attorney general says in an interview that Christians in Britain are forced to hide their beliefs because of an "aggressive form of secularism" to "push faith out of the public sphere."

Young Christians, Muslims, Jews forge community for climate justice

By Peter Kenny

A group of Christian, Muslim and Jewish youth has formed a multi-faith community to protect creation that will communicate its message to the U.N. Secretary General's Climate Summit on September 23.

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