India's sterilization policy 'was trigger' for eight women's deaths

Demonstrators attend a peace rally
By Miko Morelos

India's sterilization campaign is to blame for the recent deaths of eight women in the country says a Catholic bishop in Mumbai.

New Jakarta governor is Christian, but some Indonesian Muslims protest

By Miko Morelos

Indonesia's President Joko Widodo has sworn in a Christian with Chinese roots as governor of the country's capital city.

Global churches leader, UN denounce slaying at Jerusalem synagogue

By Peter Kenny

The World Council of Churches general secretary Rev. Olav Fykse Tveit has expressed concern and sadness over the attack on a synagogue in west Jerusalem, condemning the action.

Lutherans meet political and faith leaders in mainly Catholic Slovenia

By Peter Kenny

Leaders in the Lutheran World Federation have thanked the Slovenian government for safeguarding religious and cultural diversity in a nation that traces its establishment to the Reformation movement.

Laotian Christians evicted from village for refusing to renounce faith

By Henri Rose Cimatu

Six Hmong Christian families in Laos were recently driven from their homes in Borikhamxay province's Khamkeut district after refusing to renounce Christianity and revert to their ancestral faith.

Japan gearing up for more Muslim tourists

By Henri Rose Cimatu

Japanese tourism officials are shifting gears as they try to think of ways and means to accommodate the growing number of Muslim tourists in the country.

Sociology professor who banned full-faced veil in class killed in Bangladesh

By Miko Morelos

Hardline Islamic militants in Bangladesh are believed to be behind the murder of a university professor who pushed for a campus-wide ban on full-face veils or burkas worn by students, police said.

Global Terrorism Index finds soaring rise in attacks; sees religious ideology links

By Henri Rose Cimatu

The Global Terrorism Index has recently released information to better understand terrorism and its impact globally, noting "Terrorism has become a global phenomenon" and is often linked to religious ideology.

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