God's hand figured in evolution, Big Bang theories, says Pope Francis

Demonstrators attend a peace rally
By Miko Morelos

How does the divine creator figure in the theories of evolution and the Big Bang? Giving a glimpse at his thoughts on the thorny issues, Pope Francis told the Pontifical Academy of Sciences that both theories required "the intervention of the divine creator," who allowed it to happen.

Indonesian religious aides 'drafting law' to shield minorities

By Miko Morelos

The government of newly-elected Indonesian President Joko Widodo says it has begun the groundwork for ensuring protection of minorities in the country.

Bangladesh police foil attempt to kill 'atheist' Dhaka school teacher

By Miko Morelos

Authorities in Bangladesh stopped suspected Islamic militants from killing an "atheist" school teacher in Dhaka, as alarm over a banned group said to be reorganizing was steadily rising.

Vatican aide speaks at Lutheran church leaders' Reformation meeting

By Peter Kenny

Celebrating 50 years of Catholics and Lutheran dialogue in 2017 is a key way of remembering conflicts started in Europe after the Reformation, and of expressing hope for deeper unity between both partners.

Uruguayan churches offer some resettlement help to Syrian refugees

By Peter Kenny

Uruguayan churches in the World Council of Churches say they are working with the government in the South American country and other churches to relocate and settle refugees from the conflict raging in Syria.

S. African Anglican leader lashes out at 'insidious cancer of corruption'

By Peter Kenny

The "insidious cancer of corruption" is the most glaring threat to South Africa's democracy today, Anglican Archbishop Thabo Makgoba has said in a public lecture.

Islamic school in north India bars girls; claims co-ed against faith

By Miko Morelos

A popular Madrasa in a northern India state has prohibited girls being admitted to the institution and forbidden the entry of those currently enrolled, saying that co-education is against Islam's basic tenets.

Evangelical alliance urges: Join global prayer day for the persecuted

By Peter Kenny

The World Evangelical Alliance has invited churches and Christians around the world to observe the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church on Sunday, November 2 or 9.

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