Myanmar 'Buddhist' marchers tell world on Rohingyas: Mind your own business

Demonstrators attend a peace rally
By Miko Morelos

Hardline Buddhist nationalists have marched in the streets of Yangon in an attempt to rationalize the treatment of persecuted Rohingyas, saying the international community ought to stop interfering with Myanmar's affairs.

Police stop burning of Lahore church where man accused of burning Qur'an hid

By Miko Morelos

Hundreds of enraged Muslims stormed a Catholic Church in Lahore after learning a Christian man accused of burning a copy of the Qur'an had sought refuge in the building.

African issues need special attention from Lutherans, says Tanzanian bishop

By Peter Kenny

Tanzania's Bishop Alex G. Malasusa has inaugurated African Lutheran anniversary celebrations with a call for greater unity among the churches adding to those at the meeting seeking more inter-faith efforts to counter violence in the name of religion.

Nepal bans pilgrimages to temples after April quake

By Miko Morelos

Nepalese authorities have imposed a ban on visiting places of worship such as temples in the country, saying the earthquake that struck Kathmandu last month puts the stability of the structures in question.

Vatican left unsure of who abducted Jesuit missionary in Syria

By Miko Morelos

The kidnapping of a Jesuit missionary in Syria last week has continued to stump church authorities, with the top Vatican diplomat admitting he did not know where to start looking for the priest.

Faith based health carers should not be so modest says UN official

By Peter Kenny

Global health and religious leaders meeting in Geneva's Ecumenical Centre have noted the essential role Faith Based Organizations play in providing global health services and notably in developing nations.

Myanmar takes flak for new population measure seen assailing Rohingyas

By Miko Morelos

Myanmar has approved a contentious population control law strongly supported by some Buddhist organizations despite vehement objections by local women's rights groups and the international community.

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