World Evangelical Alliance appoints Filipino Efraim Tendero as next head

Demonstrators attend a peace rally
By Peter Kenny

The World Evangelical Alliance says Philippines Bishop Efraim Tendero is to be the next secretary general and CEO of the WEA at a time of growing cooperation by global Christians.

Charlie Hebdo violence in Niger has destroyed at least 70 churches

By Irwin Lagman

At least 70 churches were burned to the ground in light with the "anti-Charlie protests" in the capital of Niger.

Cleric and French aid worker kidnapped in Democratic Republic of Congo

By Irwin Lagman

Violence in the Central African Republic (CAR) continues to escalate as three more civilians were kidnapped by the Anti-Balaka members.

Japanese Muslims condemn IS kidnapping, threats against hostages

By Miko Morelos

Japanese Muslims have denounced the kidnapping of two countrymen by the extremist group Islamic State, while Tokyo scrambled to make contact with the abductors to save the victims.

UN rights chief presses Myanmar to censure monk who called envoy 'whore'

By Miko Morelos and Peter Kenny

A top United Nations official is pressing Myanmar to condemn an extremist monk who insulted an independent expert after she criticized draft laws that look set to discriminate against minorities in the country.

World churches body and UN rights group alarmed at Congo's violent protests

By Peter Kenny

The World Council of Churches joined the UN rights body has expressed deep concern over reports of widespread violent demonstrations in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, since 19 January.

China ups campaign against practices around superstitious beliefs

By Miko Morelos

An industrial province in China is campaigning against "superstitious activities" in the area, trying to get rid of witches, shamans and even practitioners of Feng Shui.

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