Christian and Muslim aid groups unite to urge action on IS threat in Iraq

Demonstrators attend a peace rally
By Peter Kenny

Christian and Muslim aid groups have united to issue an urgent call for action by international organizations to work for an end to the dire and "horrific" suffering in Iraq.

Gay priest gives refuge to former anti-gay governor in Catholic rectory

By Henri Rose Cimatu

A former US governor who was once a vocal opponent of homosexuality has been given refuge during a corruption trial by a Catholic priest who was caught having sex with a man in 2002.

Pastor who fought China's Christian crackdown faces 10 years in prison

By Miko Morelos

Authorities have arrested a Chinese pastor who strongly criticised the ongoing persecution of Christians in the country.

Outraged Muslims throw Somali Christian convert off 4th floor balcony

By Henri Rose Cimatu

A convert living in Nairobi's Eastleigh neighborhood has been thrown from a fourth floor balcony after Muslims learned that he left Islam for his Christian faith.

Archbishop urges vigilance against US religious freedom threats

By Peter Kenny

Despite escalating violent religious persecution in the Middle East and Africa, it is vital for Christians in the U.S. to remain on guard of their own freedoms, Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore has said.

Filipino bishops urge government to probe purported IS recruitment

By Miko Morelos

A Filipino Catholic leader is calling on the Philippine government to examine reports that people from Davao City were recruited and are currently receiving training by the jihadist group the Islamic State.

Government, Islamic State execute war crimes in Syria, says UN report

By Peter Kenny

Mass atrocities by Government forces and groups such as the Islamic State continue to take place in Syria and amount to war crimes, says the United Nations.

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