Pope urges abolish life prison terms, death penalty; lashes corruption

Demonstrators attend a peace rally
By Miko Morelos

Pope Francis has reiterated his call for the abolition of the death penalty and has also pleaded for the eradication of life imprisonment, which he described as a "hidden death penalty."

American televangelist accused of encouraging vasectomies, abortions

By Henri Rose Cimatu

Pentecostal evangelist Ernest Angley has had a torrid time recently facing accusations by members of his Grace Cathedral church for persuading them to get vasectomies and abortions.

Orthodox monks in Russia start Italian cheese factory

By Miko Morelos

If Russians suddenly get a craving for Italian cheese despite a ban on agriculture products from Italy, they know where to get it. Monks living in a remote monastery on an island in Russia hold the key.

Chaldean Catholic clerics stripped of duties for fleeing Baghdad without consent

By Miko Morelos

The Chaldean Catholic Patriarch has barred at least 12 of its clerics living in the United States, Sweden, Australia and Canada from carrying out their ministry, for failing to seek permission to flee Iraq,

Freedom of religion, belief must be protected in workplace says UN expert

By Peter Kenny

United Nations human rights expert Heiner Bielefeldt has told the U.N. General Assembly that freedom to express one's religion or belief without discrimination should be protected in the employment area.

Saudi grand mufti blasts use of social media to 'spread lies' about Islam

By Miko Morelos

A top religious official in Saudi Arabia has assailed the use of social networking sites such as Twitter which "enemies of Islam" use to spread "lies" about the faith and attack Muslims in general.

Refugees fleeing Iraq Christian torment enter Jordan in droves

By Miko Morelos

More than 3,000 Iraqi Christians have fled Mosul and the Nineveh Plain and sought refuge in Jordan, as extremists continue to persecute religious minorities in strife-torn Iraq.

UK Christian school faces closure threat for failing to include 'other faiths'

By Miko Morelos

A successful English independent Christian school is facing threats of being downgraded and even closure for failing to invite leaders from other religions, such as an imam, to speak in school assemblies.

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