Pentecostal Church in Chile celebrates Christian unity at ecumenical service

Demonstrators attend a peace rally
By Peter Kenny

World Council of Churches leaders have joined in a celebration of Christian unity with Bishop Luis Ulises Muñoz Moraga, head of the Pentecostal Church of Chile at a Sunday worship service.

Indian Christians support divorce law change, but churches undecided

By Peter Kenny

Many Christians in India are hailing a government offer to change the divorce law, saying it would help reduce the agony of couples suffering in a failing relationship.

Surge in Israeli demolitions of Palestinian homes blasted by international bodies

By Peter Kenny

Demolitions of Palestinian properties are a threat to peace in the Holy Land and the government of Israel must be held accountable for them, says a group of international aid, faith, human rights and development groups.

Indonesia's checks on Islamist extremism flawed, evangelical research body finds

By Peter Kenny

A World Evangelical Alliance research group says that Indonesia's president's efforts to deal with Islamic extremism and promote moderate Islam are flawed due to a lack of strengthening the rule of law.

Sudan student's 20 lashes for 'indecent dressing' is 'outrageous' say UN experts

By Peter Kenny

A group of United Nations human rights experts has expressed alarm after a female Sudanese student, Ferdous Al Toum, was sentenced to public flogging and a heavy fine for charges of 'indecent dressing.'

No use pretending Europe's migrant response is working, warns UN expert

By Peter Kenny

Stricken migrants washed ashore or plucked from sinking vessels in the Mediterranean and migrants trying to storm lorries crossing the English Channel are daily images on TV screens across the planet.

Scottish university's special religious studies program 'faces closure'

By Peter Kenny

Uncertainty clouds the future of the University of Stirling in Scotland's religion program that has a special focus on the impact of different faiths and beliefs on society.

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