'AMD Zen' release date, news & updates: AMD Ryzen to compete with Intel processor for at least 4 years

AMD reportedly spent four years developing the latest Zen architecture, now known as Ryzen, and the technology is expected to compete for the same length of time with Intel's popular processors.

(Facebook/ AMD)AMD Ryzen is said to have a four-year lifespan.

The Ryzen was unveiled last year, and more information about the unit was revealed at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas, Nevada. AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su introduced the Ryzen at an event in Austin, Texas, which was attended by a number of gamers, tech enthusiasts, and AMD programmers.

Boasting a 40 percent increase in overall improvement, the latest processor will be available in 8-core 16-thread SKUs, which will have a 3.4 GHz clock speed. Its AM4 motherboards, which are equipped with X300 and X370 chipsets, will be able to host the latest computing technologies, including DDR4 memory, PCle Gen 3, USB 3.1 Gen 2, and NVMe.

At the event, AMD chief technology officer Mark Papermaster told the audience that the AMD Ryzen has a four-year lifespan. The company offered a little show for the spectators, pairing the Ryzen with Vega. According to hothardware, they displayed "Doom" on the Ryzen system. And based on the report, it easily managed to run 70 FPS, and it did not have any trouble maintaining the 60–70 FPS range throughout the duration of the game. To add, the system displayed no hits of slowdowns.

AMD has yet to reveal an official launch date for the device. But in an interview with PC World, senior vice president and general manager of AMD's computing and graphics business Jim Anderson revealed that the company doesn't intend to do a paper launch.

"We've done that before. We're not going to mess with it," Anderson revealed. A paper launch refers to a pre-order approach wherein interested buyers can purchase the device months before customers can actually get their hands on the processors.

More updates about the Ryzen are expected to roll out in the weeks to come. 

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