'Fairy Tail' chapter 520 news, spoilers: Natsu to transform into demon or dragon

(Cruncyroll)A poster for "Fairy Tail."

Now that the battle between Irene Belserion and Erza Scarlet is over, "Fairy Tail" fans expect chapter 520 to shift its focus to Natsu's inevitable transformation. However, to understand the transition, a revisit on how Irene and Erza's battle is important.

In a touching story that tragically ended in chapter 19, Belserion had to sacrifice herself to save her daughter who ended the fight. Now, with Irene gone, the next "Fairy Tail" chapter predict that the story will conclude in a terrifying transformation of Natsu. It is uncertain what the outcome of his transformation would be.

Natsu has two seeds inside his body just waiting to overtake his consciousness — the Dragon seed, which completely transforms him into a dragon, or a demon seed, which turns him into an E.N.D. If Natsu becomes a dragon, then he will no longer go back to being human again.

The latest "Fairy Tale" chapter 520, "Dragon or Demon," reverts the fate of Natsu and will ultimately conclude his faith.  Games & Anime also hinted that his life will be in peril and might even abruptly end as he starts his inner journey.

However, this might not be as simple as it seems. The next "Fairy Tale" chapter does not end with Natsu dying physically. It can very well be the death of his personality or the one that is known by his friends. A key player that would change the odds is Lucy or Zeref.  According to Tripped Media, both characters can bring Natsu back to his original human form even after he transforms into END. However, viewers still have to find out the ONE magic and its origins in the chapters to come.

Some fans believe that Natsu will have the ability to turn into a Dragon like Irene and become the strongest demon based on the Books of Zeref, E.N.D. The "Fairy Tail" Chapter 520 is scheduled to air this Tuesday, Feb. 7.

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